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Episode 6: Ben Kamphaus


Listen to episode 6:

My guest for this episode is Ben Kamphaus. We discuss his career spanning archeology, anthropology, programming, music, and science fiction.

His novella, Rites of the Renouncer, is available from Amazon as an e-book or paperback. The companion album is available at PatternShift, various streaming music services, and Bandcamp.

Previews of Wake of the Wanderer, the second album and novel in the Vaskania Prime series, are also available, with full releases planned for Fall 2019.

Video of Ben's talk at the Clojure/conj 2018 conference, AI Systems: Foundations for Artificial Minds, is on YouTube along with annotated slides.

The music selection heard in the episode is Untethered Dreamers, from the album Rites of the Renouncer, Copyright © Ben Kamphaus 2019, used with permission.

The theme music is Mandelbrot Set from the album Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow by Jonathan Coulton, used under a Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 License, edited and shortened.