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Episode 7: Camille Acey

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My guest for this episode is Camille Acey, V.P. of Customer Success at Nylas and co-founder of The Collective for Liberation, Ecology, and Technology.

Note: brief explicit language.

Episode 6: Ben Kamphaus

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My guest for this episode is Ben Kamphaus. We discuss his career spanning archeology, anthropology, programming, music, and science fiction.

Episode 5: Anthony Marcar

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In this episode, Anthony Marcar and I reminisce about the eReceipts project: How it began as a 2-person startup in Australia and grew to inhabit the largest retail chain in the United States.

Episode 4: Daniela Saderi

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In this episode, Dr. Daniela Saderi discusses her neuroscience research — with ferrets! — and PREreview, a project to open up scientific peer review using preprints.

Episode 3: Mia

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In this episode, I talk with Mia, a.k.a. @buttpraxis, about her journey from programming bootcamp to full-time Clojure developer and co-host of the Apropos podcast.

(Note: Some explicit language.)

Episode 2: Richard Harrington

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In this episode, I talk with Richard Harrington about his career as a clown and a JavaScript developer, not necessarily in that order.

Episode 1: Mollie Marr

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My guest for this episode is Mollie Marr, an M.D.-Ph.D. student at Oregon Health & Science University.

We discuss her work in Behavioral Neuroscience, learning programming as a scientist, and her open-source project Reading for Gender Bias, a tool to help recognize biased language in letters of recommendation and evaluations.