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Episode 14: Mike Roberts, Sheep and Cheese


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Mike Roberts joins me to talk about his experience managing and moderating a private mailing list for people in the software industry.

Episode 13: Jessica Armstrong, Write/Speak/Code


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Jessica Armstrong joins me to talk about Write/Speak/Code, a non-profit organization that promotes writing, speaking, and open-source participation among marginalized genders.

Episode 12: Jen Myers


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Jen Myers joins me to talk about education and documentation.

Episode 11: Katherine and Stacee


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My two guests, Stacee Mandeville and Katherine McDowell-Dugan, talk about their experience as coaches teaching people how to communicate better in business.

Episode 10: Aisha Blake


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My guest for this episode is Aisha Blake, founder of <title of conf>, a tech conference built around music and theatrical performances. We talk about her inspiration for this event, the organizing process, and the difficult decision to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 9: Stephanie Lundberg


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Stephanie Lundberg describes how her experience in early online fan-fiction communities helped prepare her for a career in customer support.

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